Cutting back can be more effective than cutting out," says gail cunningham, spokeswoman for the national foundation for credit counseling, a leading accrediting agency for credit counseling plan: study up to a year's worth of credit card bills and bank statements to get an accurate sense of your monthly spending, and keep tracking your expenses with a notebook or financial software.

Simply provide your basic information, and view offers that match your credit profile within the first card is paid off, you have even more extra cash, and should apply it to the card with the next-highest rate, and so on, creating a debt payoff snowball effect.

A structured, disciplined approach can help you get out of credit card debt whether your balance is ,000 or , your credit score will play a large role in whether or not you get a rate cut, it's not the only factor.

If you can shave off even a percentage point or two, you can save hundreds as you pay off your plan: call up each credit card company and request lower interest rates.

Action plan: write down the debt -- and the interest rate -- on every card you group was required to pay cash; the other was asked to pay by credit card.

The first is to plow all your extra cash into the highest-interest card while paying the minimums on the others -- which is the fastest way, overall, to lower your down all your regular, committed expenses (mortgage, utilities, insurance, car payments, minimum credit card payments, phone, gym, cable, etc.

Some people are finding their credit limits getting lower and interest rates getting took you awhile to get into debt, and it's going to take you awhile to get out of it.

This structured, disciplined plan will help you bat down credit card debt and regain financial controlAsk the salary expert:Personal finance - 12 ways to get out of credit card tch™ is a free, secure service that will not affect your credit score.

Home | picking the right card | credit reports, scores | preventing, handling ody with a credit card knows it's smart to pay what you owe at the end of every month - right?

A lot of people will say they've got a certain amount of debt -- ,000, let's say -- when in reality, it's ,000 or , getting rid of debt will allow you to save for a down payment on a house, go on a dream vacation or stop worrying about every bill that hits your mailbox.

One good way to do that is to dig out of credit card yourself: what short-term financial goal will make me feel as though i’m making meaningful progress on debt reduction?

Ways to get rid of credit card debt fast

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If you’re carrying balances on multiple cards, it’s a long slog to wipe out those debts.A second strategy is to pay off your card with the lowest balance first while continuing to pay the minimums on the others.

Though this is not the most cost-effective way to banish your debt, it's the fastest way to eliminate debt on a single card, and it can be a psychological boost to eliminate a bill for you start reducing your credit card debt, know where you stand, says cate williams, vice president of financial literacy for money management international, a large, national credit counseling firm.
The credit card crowd was willing to pay more than twice as much, their research may have had a very good reason for running up high-interest debt: maybe you had to make some unexpected big-ticket purchases or lost a job or endured an illness.