Quickquid is an online lender and a part of enova international, a company that has been providing online loans to individuals for more than 10 years.

While we are no longer offering quickquid flexcredit® loans, our flexible short-term loans are still available.

Anyway they accepted that one loan was unaffordable and offered £110 to clear the outstanding loan and take the default of my credit file,they refused to look at the other loans around 10 of them as they was older than six years the adjudicator asked if i would accept the offer or if i wished for him to look into if we could take the older loans into account to which i agreed him to do i am now awaiting a phone call from the jurisdiction team to see wethere or not they will allow the adjudicator to look at the older loans that where i am now i’m unsure of what they will aks me so if this had happened to anyone any advice appreciated.

As you won’t so little more, it’s worth going back to them and asking for them to write off the debt and delete it from your credit record.

This also applies to a “flexi account”, as well as “normal” payday loans.

As one of the most trusted names in online lending, QuickQuid is dedicated to a more flexible type of borrowing.

Quickquid, one of the uk’s largest payday lenders, is getting a lot of “affordability complaints” from customers asking for refunds of interest and charges.

We run full consumer credit history checks and a proprietary credit scoring model that assesses your ability to repay.

I ask as my current outstanding debt with them is £404 and i would be happy if they wrote that all off, i am not out for more than the existing debt owed as i simply want it repaid and removed from my credit file.

As a consumer, you have the right to:Access reliable and regulated credit.

Million customers and counting, quickquid is dedicated to offering flexible and transparent short-term loans to uk residents.

Quickquid flexi credit

Headway capital - providing a line of credit to small business owners in the us.

As one of the most trusted names in online lending, quickquid is dedicated to a more flexible type of borrowing.