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Hudson refined the concept with a couple of colleagues during bullet time and enjoyed regular feedback from quicken loans' top leaders, including he.I couldn't have done this without quicken loans and the resources they put around us," hudson , quicken loans occupies several downtown buildings, some just steps from comerica park, where the detroit tigers play, and ford field, home of the detroit lions.

Erica hudson-biggens, team leader for myql, the primary customer portal for accessing quicken loans accounts, couldn't agree n loans is dedicated to providing lasting career opportunities for veterans, service members and their quicken loans culture is centered on 19 isms, or corporate ideals.

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The quicken loans it team includes cio linglong he (center, front) and (clockwise) teresa wynn, huruy yohannes, bobby martin, ray mah and matt state-of-the-art quicken loans technology center, a 66,000-square-foot data center and office complex located at 1401 rosa parks boulevard in detroit’s up-and-coming corktown district, features two 10,000-square-foot server rooms in addition to training, office and support , who first joined quicken loans as a software engineer, submitted an idea to the cheese factory for an initiative to bring high-speed fiber networks to detroit in 2013, and the scheme quickly gained traction.

Quicken loans" is a registered service mark of intuit t has invested more than billion in detroit, funding numerous real estate and renovation projects, and he shepherded thousands of people back to work in the city by relocating quicken loans' headquarters to downtown detroit.A lifelong detroit resident, hudson-biggens is also proud of all that quicken loans and its founder have done to help the city.

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Ask bobby martin what he likes best about working for quicken loans when he's front and center at a detroit red wings hockey game, and he'd be hard-pressed not to name the scores of free tickets available to any its sixth appearance at the top of computerworld's best places to work in it list in the past decade, detroit-based quicken loans engenders extreme loyalty among its 1,151 it employees, who gush over management's approachable, team-oriented style and applaud the company's commitment to creative use of more than a decade of navigating the hierarchical environments of companies in the automotive industry, hudson-biggens says quicken loans is a refreshing change, thanks to its opportunities for nonlinear growth, its fast-paced environment and its commitment to out-of-the-box thinking.

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That clear mission statement is what makes quicken loans a very different workplace from the norm, says matt bow­ser, a software quality assurance engineer who has been with the company for two 's company, rocket fiber, was spun out earlier this year as part of rock ventures, a portfolio of business ventures and real estate owned by quicken loans founder dan ees are proud of quicken loans's role in revitalizing the downtown detroit area.

Quicken loans is a fast-paced business, and that means people have to be comfortable working in a constant state of change, she ging new technology to solve problems is what motivates jolie behrns-vitale, a team leader in the business intelligence unit, who came to quicken loans as an intern and has stayed for eight hudson took advantage of every one of those opportunities to cultivate his ideas -- and he innovated his way right out of quicken loans and into his own startup with he's blessing, and with financial backing from the company.

Walk into the it department at one of quicken loans' downtown detroit offices and you'll be met by a sea of big heads -- not overblown egos, but giant cardboard faces like the ones that fans wave on sticks at basketball n loans" is a registered service mark of intuit starts with the cheese factory, a space on the corporate intranet where any employee (or "team member," in quicken loans-speak) can make suggestions.

But martin says that the collaborative vibe and the isms -- mantras such as "do the right thing," "we'll figure it out" and "every second counts" -- put quicken loans in a different -biggens was part of a quicken loans technology team that collaborated with it groups from yahoo and warren buffett's berkshire hathaway to build and customize the platform in just under a after quicken loans founder and chairman dan gilbert, gilbert awards are presented at an academy awards-type event.

Best places to work in it 2013: a tour of quicken technology center serves quicken loans and the rock ventures family of ees say there are few barriers -- physical or bureaucratic -- at quicken loans.

Unlike many companies in the mortgage industry, quicken loans builds its own core systems rather than customizing off-the-shelf products to meet its specific vibrant colors and an open floor plan, quicken loans' offices were designed to encourage n loans was recently ranked #4 “best company for internships” by glassdoor.

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