Quick credit app dbs

Also, get instant approval2 if you choose salary crediting as income document selection and get your account immediately (subjected to approval).

After submitting and approval of a personal loan on your cashline and/or credit card, you will receive another sms confirmation that the personal loan is approved.

Cashline is a standby line of credit account which the credit limit granted is utilized for posb/dbs personal loan.

What do i do with the remaining credit limit in the cashline account?

If you are an existing cashline account or credit cardholder, you will receive:a sms confirmation that your personal loan is approved.

There are no extra supporting documents required for these uses on your remaining credit limit.

Quick credit app dbs-

Similar to above question, you can use the available credit limit (up to 95%) to take up another personal loan or use for other credit card purposes such as retail transactions.

DBS Cashline is a credit line that gives you fast access to extra cash.

Apply nowfor new customer, please apply for a credit card or cashline (get s fairprice vouchers when you apply for a dbs cashline) account first and take up a personal loan when account applied is approved.

The approval of the personal loan application by dbs through the dbs quick credit mobile application is subject to full authentication and validation of completed information of the applicant and receipt of all mandatory documents from the applicant.

How about the remaining credit limit in my credit card?

Personal loan mandatory documents for dbs/ posb customers without cashline/ credit card account.

A standby line of credit which gives you the access to funds anywhere, anytime.

A sms confirmation for an approved cashline account (if applied for a cashline account) and/or approval letter(s) of the applied cashline or credit card.