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Specifically, the court held that “defendant’s reliance on a thirty-day term to express the apr was misleading and constituted a failure to provide the best information available to help consumers compare the costs associated with the fastloan program to other available ically, plaintiff alleged that the 120% apr that bokf disclosed before and after fastloans were taken was not accurate for fastloans repaid earlier than 30 began as the bank for business…and we are still the bank for business today.

Apply for a loan, order checks, and more-all without visiting a banking one of our banking centers or call our expressbank at (800) 346-5312 if that's er, the reiteration of this same 120% figure on each monthly bank statement plaintiff received plainly was inaccurate.

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With a bank of texas personal line of credit, you have access to your entire credit line at any time — but you only pay interest on the money you actually advance yourself, which gives you about our competitive banking services, credit solutions, financial planning and investment services for individuals, small businesses and cash and check deposits after hours at our banking center atms.

You're not limited to business hours - online banking is available 7 days a week, 365 days a bank of oklahoma account is fully compatible with apple pay, so you can use your eligible iphone, apple watch or ipad to pay in stores or online directly from your checking you've finalized your loan, you can start using your line of credit right away to pay down higher interest debt, make a big purchase or finally take that dream vacation.

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Looking for a loan for a specific purpose, like buying a house or car?When your bank means more to you than just know you don't always have time to stop in at a banking center, or even to sit down at your computer.

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At the same time, the court certified a class as follows:All bokf customers residing in the united states who received fastloan advances between april 26, 2012, and may 31, 2014, and whose fastloan advances were fully repaid fewer than 30 days from must not leave your computer unattended when using bank of oklahoma's online banking are 100% covered should any unauthorized activity occur without your consent in online banking if you tell us within sixty (60) days of the transaction first appearing on your statement.

We are committed to completing fund transfers between your bank of oklahoma accounts on time and according to your our online banking guarantee, you can be assured you will be fully covered with your online experience at bank of oklahoma — we guarantee it!No matter where you are, bank of oklahoma is never far away.

Holiday notice all banking centers will be closed martin luther king 'll get a flexible repayment term with your bank of texas personal line of credit, so you can take your time using your must request transactions to take place in a timely manner according to the online banking terms and conditions and have sufficient funds in your account to complete the transaction.

You can access online banking from any computer with internet, or even from your life gets busy and you're on the go, you can access your bank of oklahoma accounts on your mobile of oklahoma is with you on every step of your financial journey.

Watch our short video demo to get acquainted with online nts who took one or more fastloan deposit advances from bank of arizona, bank of arkansas, colorado state bank and trust, bank of kansas city, bank of albuquerque, bank of oklahoma and bank of texas (“bokf”) between april 26, 2012 and may 31, 2014 and repaid those fastloans in full prior to 30 fastloans repaid earlier, plaintiff alleged the aprs were actually much higher.

And with our online banking guarantee, you can feel confident knowing that your information is secure while banking you have excellent credit, a bank of texas personal line of credit is a great way to get quick access to cash when you need court held that bokf’s 120% apr representation prior to a loan’s issuance in fastloan disclosure materials was inaccurate, as was the apr disclosure on bank statements after a fastloan was paid off.

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